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I’ve loved swimming in the ocean since I was very young, and I have always enjoyed challenging myself to go as deep as I could. In the past I would rent regular snorkeling fins to dive in the ocean, but when I discovered Freediving in 2018, I became aware of long fins. As I was new to the world of freediving – and at the time didn’t know anyone involved in the sport – I had to do a bit of research on my own.


I kept seeing these gorgeous ‘x-ray style’ fins on Instagram dive pages that I followed, so I decided to get a pair. The ones I liked the most were from Leaderfins. So I went onto their instagram page and contacted them directly. I found out the x-ray fins I wanted were called “Ice Bi-Fins“. What is really nice about this brand is that you can completely customize your fins on their website. There are options to select such as blade size, foot pocket size and color, rib color, softness, and protective film.


Details for the Ice Bi-Fins:


The color of the blade is clear-white and is made of a high quality mix of epoxy resin and fiberglass. You can choose between a short blade (70cm) and a standard blade (80cm). I was always attracted to this color because they remind me of the translucency of fish scales.



The foot pocket is made out of soft rubber for a much more comfortable fit. You can select the color of the foot pocket you prefer on the customizing section of the page. The size of the foot pockets ranges from 31 to 50 (European). To see their size guide, click here.

I have narrow feet so these footpockets seemed a little wide when I first put them on, but when I got a thicker pair of aqua-socks they fit perfectly. I realized it’s actually good to get the foot pocket size with a little space so that when you put aqua-socks on, it fits well. I will later review my Cressi aqua socks, I love them because they not only keep my feet warm but also protects me from getting blisters.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 4.54.26 PM



The ribs are the lining on the sides of the blade. There is a selection of rib colors to choose from such as black, blue, red, and white. I suggest you choose the same color as the foot pocket.



You can add protective film on your fins if you prefer. The film is placed on the bottom surface (€25) or both the top and bottom (€30). I recommend to add this protection for the fins to defend them against scratches for aesthetic and durability reasons.



The product photo on the Leaderfins website shows that there is a large logo on the blades. You can select the option to remove the large logo when you customize it.



Expect to pay around €150 for these Ice Bi-Fins depending on your level of customization.



The fins I got were the Ice Bi-Fins – long blades with medium stiffness, black footpockets, and black blades. I chose to have protective film on the top and bottom of my blades. My footpocket size is 35-36. I absolutely love these fins and have been using them to freedive for the past 2 years. I have dived over 20 meters with them and plan to go to 30 meters soon. I find that long fins allow you to move through the water quickly with minimal effort. This enables you to maintain a longer breath-hold by conserving oxygen and energy. I enjoy how Leaderfins allows you to customize your fins with many options. I highly recommend this brand – the design and quality is incredible!

Check out some pictures of my fins below. I have also included a video of me freediving so that you can see how fluid they are in the water.


If you are just starting out or keen to get into Freediving, the equipment I would recommend that you start with is;

  • mask
  • Snorkel
  • Weight belt & weights
  • Aqua socks
  • Dive Computer
  • Knife


Good luck and dive safe!




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