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I recently went to the Adreno warehouse in Alexandria, Sydney, for some Freediving equipment. I was searching for a new mask as I wasn’t happy with the ones I had because they fogged up and water would leak in (even after adding toothpaste, burning them, and tightening them).


Sphera Aqua Lung Mask

I picked up the Sphera Aqua Lung mask because it had a great shape, it felt very comfortable on my face, and I was impressed with the quality. I was happy with how it looked on me because so many masks squeeze your face making you look like a fish-alien. And although all of us freedivers/spearfishermen want to be like fish – we don’t want to look like one!

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– MASK REVIEW ON JULIAQUIS.COM – I’m in love with my new Aqua Lung Mask from @adrenofreediving! It’s the best quality mask I’ve ever had and I’m enjoying my dives more than ever! It’s like diving in HD. #juliafreedive . SYDNEY NEWS UPDATE: . “Sun-baking or gathering on the sand is still banned. And ocean pools, which closed with the beaches on March 28, remain off limits.” ⠀⠀ HOWEVER.. ⠀⠀ “Swimmers and surfers will be allowed back into the waters at Bondi and other Waverley Council beaches through strictly managed corridors.” . I went to Gordon’s Bay to go Freediving as it was reopened for swim and sport only. But I did see some people laying out tanning which was disappointing as that was the reason it was closed in the first place. I hope that people start following the rules and restrictions at this time so that we don’t all have to suffer. If you want to get some sun by the ocean – go for a run, swim, dive, and exercise! We can still have a good life during lockdown if we follow the rules. We should appreciate what we have where we are compared to many places around the world. . Keep safe everyone! . #girlsthatfreedive #sydneyblogger #gordonsbay #freediving #freedive #freedivers #sydneyaustralia #freediverlife #eurasian #mestiza #filam #lockdownlife #sydneybeaches #mermaidsoul

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Aqua Lung Website – $90aud

Adreno (Alexandria) – $69.99aud



I drove over to Gordon’s Bay, Coogee, to test out my new mask. As I jumped into the ocean, everything was bright, colorful, and in HD. I quickly realized that this was the best mask I have used underwater (and I have tried many since the 90’s). It did not fog or leak during the dives. My field of vision was wider (180-degrees visibility) as the lenses are curved and set closer to the eyes.

The glass of the mask sometimes shines a filtered blue color when you look at it in certain light but you never see the blue filter underwater when wearing it. I believe this is because the lenses have UVA/UVB protection for time at the surface.

I am very happy with my new mask! I have been diving more often because I am enjoying being underwater with my new vision.


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  1. 5.5.20
    Christia Sanz said:

    Yey! Been waiting for this! Thank you for the review on this mask! 🙂

    • 5.5.20
      juliaquis said:

      Glad you enjoyed the review! Let me know how it goes if you get the mask! Have a wonderful day. 😊

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