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My favorite moments of the Bali Girls Trip, was day drinking at the beach clubs!

Potato Head Beach Club

During our first and second day in Bali, we spent our time at Potato Head. This was my first experience at a Bali beach club.

We entered Potato Head through a hallway of shutters, a very unique design choice. There was regular restaurant seating, then a grassy area where people could lay out, hammocks, then several sun-beds right by the pool, and a small infinity pool with a circular pool bar. Potato Head is right in front of the beach, so you can jump out of the pool and into the ocean within a few steps.

When we arrived, we were told there was a waiting list of about 10 groups to get a sun-bed, so we put our name and number down, and headed to the pool. I learned that it’s usually packed, so I’d recommend calling ahead or coming early for a sun-bed. We sat by the pool bar and ordered a bottle of Rosé to start. It was sunny, there was good music, and everyone was having fun. After enjoying the water, we transferred to our table that costed Rp1,000,000 ($70 consumable) which wasn’t bad at all. We watched the sunset while laying on our comfortable sun-bed, and planned out our night.

Just as the sun was setting, we jumped into the ocean. We laughed and played until waves took my sunglasses, but I wasn’t going to let that ruin my night. Bali is a place that you could lose a bunch of things and for some reason, it wouldn’t affect you that much. The sun was gone, so we paid our bill, grabbed our stuff, and walked towards our Airbnb villa on the beach. We made the smart choice of racing each other in the dark, ended up going too far, and got lost. We had to find a cab and take it back to our Airbnb villa.


Mrs. Sippy is located in Seminyak and very close to Potato Head, you could even see the colorful shutters of Potato Head from the pool area.

Mrs. Sippy was my second favorite spot. It was fun, laid back, and well-designed with a rustic and modern twist. Not only was it cool, it had a well thought out name! On our way there, my friends and I were being dorks yelling/singing, “M-R-S-S-I-P-P-Y!” over and over. Our cab driver must have wanted to throw us out.

As you enter, there’s a variety of seating around the large pool. I was most impressed by the dive tower that had 1m, 3m, and 5m diving levels. I went straight for the 5m and jumped into the deep-end of the pool with my best friend. We drank champagne while wading around the pool, listening to the awesome DJ, and watching people do flips off the dive tower. I thought to myself, “If I ever have my own pool club, it will definitely have a dive tower.”

Omnia Day Club

Omnia was brand new and had only been open for a few months. Even though it was far from Seminyak, we were told it was really worth the drive and our money. Our driver Gede picked us up in the morning to take the hour long drive over.

We arrived and went straight to the pool bar, no entrance fee. You enter with these stairs going down like a small arena of seating, towards more daybeds, the pool, the floating restaurant/bar area, and the infinity view of the ocean. The place was very modern, beautiful, and well-structured. The day-beds and drinks are higher priced but I believe you are paying for the view and the atmosphere, so it’s worth it! There was also a VIP section with couches, tables, and a private swimming area.

The minimum spending for a daybed is 1.2 million Rupiah ($88) on weekdays and 2.2 million Rupiah ($160) for weekends.

Out of all of the Pool Clubs, Omnia was my favorite, and I plan on spending a whole day there during my next trip to Bali!

We were only in Bali for a few days and did not get to experience many beach and pool clubs. We would spend an entire day at one because we’d get attached to the place. Honestly, all of the beach clubs are amazing, it depends on the atmosphere that you like. When I return, I plan to go to any of these 21 Best Beach Clubs in Bali.

You can read more about my trip in Bali Girls Trip. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed this post!

Julia Quisumbing

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