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My summary of Bali: Beach clubs, night clubs, shopping, music, beaches, dancing, ocean, villas, and good food.

I’ve visited Bali a few times when I was a kid and don’t remember much, except for playing in a pool and going to a temple with monkeys that scared me. This trip has shown me the adult side to Bali and it is incredible! If you are looking for a place to let loose, have fun, and forget about how stressful your life is, look no further! People from all parts of the world travel here, mostly in groups of girls or guys. I’d recommend Bali for a Bachelor/Bachelorette party or birthday celebration.

I went to Bali with my two best friends @sarsistar and @elleadda. We went to celebrate Elle’s birthday, who turned 22 again. I had actually feared going with them as Sarsi and I are already pretty crazy together, but Elle brings it to a whole other level. While we were at Omnia Dayclub, I had told Sarsi, “You and I are are fire and Elle is gasoline”. We burst out laughing because the mere image of that was too real. The whole trip consisted of no sleep, constant drinking, dancing, beach clubs, night clubs, no food, and utter craziness. It was the most fun I’ve had in years! The chaos was addicting. I wanted to say “no more” so many times, but I just couldn’t.

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We rented a two-bedroom Airbnb Villa with a private pool that was very affordable! The villa was a 15-minute walk to the beach near Potato Head Beach Club, and walking distance to restaurants and shops. There was good WIFI and the rooms had split-type air-conditioning. We hardly stayed at the villa though, returning only to shower, change, do makeup, and go back out.

You can check out the Airbnb listing here.



Pool Clubs

From what I can remember, my favorite experience was day drinking at the pool clubs! We’d start off by buying a bottle of Champagne or Rosé, while roaming around the pool taking everything in. Different groups would approach us and we made lots of friends from different parts of the world. We laughed so much that it hurt and I would always wonder why life couldn’t always be like that. I didn’t have a worry in the world. Read my post, Bali Best Beach Clubs, to know more about where we went.

Below is a list of the the beach and nights clubs we spent time at.

Potato Head Beach Club

Omnia Dayclub

Mrs. Sippy

Motel Mexicola

La Favela

La Laguna


I hated using Uber in Bali, the drivers would almost never arrive. Once, we booked 3 different Ubers and all failed to come, so we ended up getting a taxi. If you do get an Uber, there’s a high chance they don’t have GPS, so you will need to use google maps on your phone to tell them the way. The easiest and best way of transportation, especially at night, is by motorcycle. It’s cheaper, faster, and super fun! The streets get extremely congested because of the many clubs and bars on the small streets.

We hired a very nice driver named Gede to take us to Uluwatu Temple and Omnia Dayclub. He had a car that could fit 7 people. He spoke english very well, had good direction, and was pleasant. If you need a driver and car for the day while you’re in Bali, I’d recommend giving him a call! He also uses Whatsapp.

Gede +62 818 0564 2293

Price – Rp600,000 ($43.70) for 12 hours

Uluwatu Temple

On our third day, Gede drove us up to Uluwatu Temple, since it was on the way to Omnia Dayclub. It took us over an hour to get there from Seminyak. The temple had a nice walk at the edge of the cliff overlooking the ocean. There were monkeys that created a funny atmosphere, as many of them would be chewing on stolen goods, such as sunglasses and hats. A monkey that was chewing on a water bottle, immediately dropped it the moment he saw Elle, he fell madly in love with her, and couldn’t stop staring. I thought he was going to pounce on her!

Photos and Videos

I wasn’t able to take great photos during the Bali trip because I was having too much fun to take my phone out. I wish I had more pictures and videos to share. I did, however, get all of the random videos we took on our phones and created a short messy travel vlog! It’s called, “TRAVEL | Girls Trip to Bali!” on my Youtube channel JuliaQuis. Please subscribe!

We contemplated bringing Gede everywhere to film our shenanigans for extra cash, but oddly we didn’t push through. It seemed like the perfect plan but I guess it was just one of our many crazy ideas. Honestly, I don’t know if I’d want to see majority of what happened again, so it’s better to stay in my foggy memory. The Bali vacation was the least I’ve looked at my phone for a while! I probably should have gotten a co-host for my Airbnb condos but I think I did pretty good responding to my guests!

If you do want great photos and videos of your Bali trip, I’d highly suggest hiring someone because you will be having too much fun to care!


Our Routine

It was simple; we’d wake up, get ready, eat bacon and eggs, go to a pool club, start drinking, continue drinking until the pool club closes, maybe eat something, go home, shower, get ready, go to a night club, come home at 6am, sleep for 3-4 hours, and do it all over again! I would struggle to get out of bed and knew that the only way I could survive the day is to keep drinking or else the hangover would begin.

Our first day in Bali was the healthiest. We had delicious vegan bowls and smoothies from “It’s time to be KYND” but the rest of the trip was quickly grabbing Mcdonalds or Pizza on the way to another party.

One thing I found quite entertaining was that many people who approached us introduced themselves by asking how many Instagram followers we had. I was like, “Hi, how are you? My name is Julia, what’s your name?” I thought that was the normal way to introduce yourself, hold on, has it changed?? Should it be, “Hi! my name is @juliaquis! What’s yours?” (Yes, I did just slip that in there). Life has gotten quite weird if you have to start a conversation with how many followers you have as if it ranks how good a person you are. Anyways, I’m glad that I don’t live my life that way. Instagram is great for business but it shouldn’t be your whole life, you will never feel content that way. It’s a pretty story board of your life but doesn’t have any depth. I feel like blogs and videos are how you can show your true self because no one is as perfect as their Instagram feed. I’m definitely not! I love being the mess that I am.

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