Bangkok | Thai Tea Shaved Ice Dessert

Out of all of the desserts that I tried in Bangkok, the Thai Tea Kakigori at After You Dessert Cafe was my ultimate favorite! It was a delicious tall bowl of flavored Thai Tea shaved ice with a sweet cream on top, and a side of extra Thai Tea to pour on top.Untitled-3

The center of the bowl had gelatin making it extra unique.

If you’re going to order this, make sure you are with someone to help you finish it off. My boyfriend Gui and I had a fun time devouring this and it definitely made our evening especially memorable.

The following days, we would remind each other of this dessert in order to tempt the other to return for a second time. I am definitely going back to this cafe on my next trip to Bangkok.

After You Dessert Cafe can be found in many malls around Bangkok. I discovered it while I was walking around the 7th floor of Central World.


Julia Quisumbing

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