How to Find a Housekeeper for Airbnb

I’ve had my fair share of housekeeping nightmares but I have always believed that there was that perfect housekeeper out there. What I realized is that in the Philippines it is very hard to come by a professional housekeeper. If you want the perfect housekeeper, you will have to train them yourself, give them guidelines, and have good communication.

The Housekeeping Service in Baguio

I have Airbnb condos in Manila and Baguio. Manila is easier to manage since it’s where I live but I had to find a way to manage my condo in Baguio from afar. I searched through Facebook and found a housekeeping service called Maid of Wonder Service Provider in Baguio that were extremely efficient and accommodating. For 3 hours of cleaning, the rate I pay is 250 Philippine Pesos. I deposit funds to the manager every month for my housekeeper’s salary, condo toiletries, and laundry costs. When they are low on funds they give me a breakdown of the money that was spent with scanned receipts.

Where to Search for a Housekeeping Service

I suggest to search on Facebook and Google to find a housekeeping service in your area. On the search bar I’d type, “Maids (Location)” or “Housekeeping (Location)”. Click on a page with more than 1k likes and good reviews. Send them a message and explain that you are searching for an on-call housekeeper for a bed and breakfast home.

I searched for “Maids Manila” on Facebook and found many pages that provide housekeeping services in the area. Several caught my attention such as Maid by Alona, with more than 3k likes and a 4.7 rating. There are also pages that have more than 25k likes but no reviews like but it is your decision on which business has the information you are looking for and seems to be a better fit. Try messaging several pages to see which responds faster, provides the best rates, and is more organized.

Airbnb Housekeeping Introduction:

  • Bring them to the home and familiarize them with the space.
  • Show them your laminated Airbnb Cleaning Checklist.
  • Have them clean the condo once.
  • Inspect their work and notify them on what they did correctly and what can be done differently.
  • Tell them your guest check out and check-in time. This gives them the amount of time they have to clean. For example: My guests check out at 11am and check-in at 2pm which gives the housekeeper 3 hours to clean the place.
  • Once a guest books, text the housekeeper for example: “Can you please clean on January 1, 3, 8, 15, and 22? These are the dates that I have guests checking out. Please confirm, thank you!” Then, ensure that your housekeeper puts them in her calendar.
  • Use an app like Viber, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger to communicate while your housekeeper is cleaning. This will ensure you that the wifi is working.
  • Instruct your housekeeper to message you when she has arrived to your home and once she has finished her work.
  • Have her explain what the condo was like when she arrived, whether the guest was messy or clean. This is for the review you will leave on Airbnb later.
  • If guests message to complain about cleanliness, forward it to your housekeeper so that she does not repeat any mistakes.

This process has worked very well for me and I have had high reviews for cleanliness from guests. I like to tell my housekeeper when someone has left a good review so that they know they are doing a good job.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below! I hope you are able to find the right housekeeper for your Airbnb home, good luck!

Julia Quisumbing

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    Bianca said:

    Hi, can I ask who handles the key to handover to the guest upon check in and check out? Thanks in advance 🙂

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