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My boyfriend Gui has been living and working as a model in Bangkok for the past month. I went to celebrate the New Year 2018 with him. His agency got him a condo in Town in Town near many studios and casting agencies. It’s a local and quiet area with a lot of cute cafes and small businesses.


Motorcycle Rental – 3,500 Thai Baht/Month

It was my first time in Bangkok and I wanted a local experience, so we rented a motorbike for a month from a small shop I found on Facebook called Motorbike Rent.

The cheapest rates for a motorbike went from:

  • Daily – 250 Baht
  • Weekly – 1,500 Baht
  • Monthly – 3,500 Baht

We rented a motorbike for a month, costing us just 3,500 Baht ($109). They also handed us 2 helmets to rent for free. For a full tank of gas it costs around 70 Baht ($2).  It definitely saved us money on transportation since I wanted to see a lot of the city. I’ve been trying to travel with a budget since I am currently renovating my 2-bedroom condo in BGC, Philippines.

Having a motorbike is a quick way to get past the traffic. At first it was scary but I got used to it in a couple of days. Gui is really skilled at driving through small spaces and in between cars. I wanted to learn how to drive so he taught me in the small streets of Town in Town, there was no way I was driving on the highway. Not only was I learning how to drive a motorbike, I was learning how to drive on the left side of the road which gets even more confusing! Every morning, Gui lets me drive to a cafe. I enjoy laughing while my hair smoothly whips him in the face. I had a lot of fun with this new experience and I was happy to hear from my agent that I can be presented for motorcycle modeling jobs since now I know how to drive!


Julia Quisumbing

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  1. 1.9.18
    Graeme Ferdinands said:

    Oh my goodness, Julia! That IS very cheap and economical getting the Motorbike!! It has surprise me! 😮 (Has Gui got his guitar to fiddle with in your Condo? 🎸😊)

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