How to Become a Superhost on Airbnb

I posted two of my condos on Airbnb in July 2017 and for 4 months I aimed to be a Superhost. I was able to complete a total of 45 trips and achieve Superhost status in early October 2017. It was an amazing experience that taught me to be more organized, and forced me to look my procrastination in the eye and kick it out the door!

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What benefits do Superhosts get?

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 10.21.31 AM (1)Badge- You get this cool little Superhost badge on your host profile and all of your listings. This notifies guests that you have the highest standards of hospitality on Airbnb.

Priority Support – You get priority when you call Airbnb or tweet Airbnb @Airbnbhelp. I can request them to call me and they usually do right away, and someone is on the line with me within 10 minutes.

Search Filter – There is a search filter where guests can only see listings by hosts with Superhost status. This is a good opportunity to get more bookings since people will see you are trust-worthy and easy to communicate with.

Travel Coupon – If you are able to sustain your Superhost status for a year (4-evaluation periods) and have an active listing on the same day that you received your Superhost status the year prior, you’ll receive $100 USD travel coupon to use on Airbnb.

Product Exclusives – You get invited to preview new releases and events.

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How to become a SuperHost? 

To become a Superhost you need to achieve a certain amount of bookings and reviews, and also keep your standards at a certain rate through an assessment period. I did so from July to October where Airbnb assessed my ratings and granted me Superhost status.

I knew very little about hosting on Airbnb and had only used the app twice as a guest. I knew I needed to find my own style since I didn’t have anyone to mentor me. I wanted to provide personalized hospitality to my guests. I thought about the things that I would appreciate and then sought out to please my guests in every possible way.

Below is the Superhost requirements (left) and my Superhost achievements (right) from July – October 2017. (Screenshot taken on October 24, 2017)

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 11.37.44 AM

Superhost Advice

Quick Responses and Communication

I respond the instant I see an inquiry or booking – no waiting till later. This is to keep my response rate up. If you can’t respond right away, try to respond in less than an hour more than 80% of the time.When I wake up, I get my phone and turn silent mode off so I’m able to hear Airbnb notifications all day. That Airbnb app notification is a pleasant sound because it gives you a boost of endorphins! It’s a reminder that, “You just made money!” or “You’re about to make money!”

If I leave a WiFi area, I turn my 3G on so that I constantly have internet on my phone. I also turn on my SMS and Email notifications in case I don’t see the Airbnb notification. Three is better than one, it’s crazy but hey that’s how you make money.

The guest is always right. You will get guests that are hard to deal with but always make it seem like nothing was there fault. Example: If they have trouble with something and it was their fault, apologize for the inconvenience anyways. The guest must never feel that they are being spoken down to, they should always feel special.

If guests ask questions about the listing that are answered in the listing, just reply with the answer and not by telling them to finish reading the listing information. Don’t cut corners, always be willing to answer any question or concern.

Your hospitality will pay off when you receive a 5-star review. It is important to have good communication in case there are issues so that you can respond and solve any problem quickly. Your guest will see this and be grateful for it. If your guest hasn’t written a review for days, it is ok to send a polite request message.


If you own a house then this does not apply to you. If you own a condo, then you will have to speak to your administration to see if they allow daily rentals on Airbnb. I like doing everything online so I asked my admin if they could send me the guest registration form through email. I saved a document in my computer and in my Microsoft Word App on my iPhone. That way, I can work on the go.

On the guest registration document, I saved my electronic signature over my name along with my unit number so that every time I register a new guest, all I have to do is input their names and dates. I then email the document to the admin always requesting them to confirm receipt. You don’t want to just guess they received the email.

I only register guests that arrive in a week to be sure that admin is aware near the date. I’ve had experiences where the admin gave my registration to the lobby who then misplaced the document. If this happens, it could affect your guest’s check-in experience and they may give you a lower rating. Always be sure and always be ready.


Always greet your guests with a smile and a warm greeting. Provide coffee or tea for their arrival. Tell them about the area; what nice areas to walk around, activities to do, places to eat and more. Give them privacy and only check on them after a day or more. If they don’t contact you, it’s because they are enjoying themselves.

If you want to do Airbnb in a more sufficient and detached way that’s great as well. Actually, I  prefer this because I have a busy lifestyle and can manage many condos at once from from afar. The more listings you have, the more difficult it will be to greet every guest you have in person. You can provide the same hospitality without physically being there. I’d suggest adding a self check-in feature to your listing by getting a Smart Key Lock or Smart Key Box. This is attractive for businessmen, late travelers, and people who appreciate a quick and efficient check-in. It also makes a host’s life stress-free and easy like Sunday morning.

To learn about which self check-in feature I use, please read my blog post igloohome Smart KeyBox for Airbnb.


There are listings that you will be competing with in your area. Check out other listings and see what amenities they offer. There are essential items for a daily rental and items you can add to give you leverage over your competition. Try to provide as many amenities as you can in your budget.

If you would like to see which amenities I provide for my Airbnb listings, please click here.


Find a few trustworthy housekeepers that have flexible schedules. You always need more than one in case of emergencies. Create a cleaning checklist, laminate it, and place it in a cupboard for them to take note of every time they clean. For the first few bookings, be there to instruct them with the cleaning checklist and ensure that they know exactly how you’d like the space cleaned and where items should be placed. Not all housekeepers have worked at a hotel so it is your job to teach them a new set of standards; organization and consistency.

I also instruct my housekeeper to check if everything in the condo is still working because things do break down! I have them test the lights, TV, WiFi, appliances, water pressure, and water heater.

I had my housekeepers download Viber so when they arrive to the condo, they snap a few photos before they clean and send it to me. To give a proper guest review, I’d need to see how they left the condo. This helps the Airbnb community by providing future hosts with information on the guest.

If you would like to see my cleaning checklist as an example, please click here.

Check Out

Give your guests a checkout reminder – not more than once. If you don’t remind them, they might “accidentally” stay past checkout time. Who hasn’t tried to extend their stay even if it’s for a couple of minutes right? I completely understand. That’s why I always send my checkout reminder “saved response” and send it the night prior or the morning of departure.

My next Superhost assessment will be on January 1, 2018 so I will be striving to keep my ratings and bookings up with a constant search to improve my listing and myself.

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Thank you for reading!

Julia Quisumbing

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