Airbnb Self Check-In (Smart Lock)

I bought a Igloohome Smart Lock when I listed “Julia’s Urban Brick Condo” on Airbnb. I wanted to provide my guests with a self check-in service because I travel a lot. I bought the Smart Keybox and drilled it to the front door of my condo. All you have to do is enter the pin, open the keybox, get the keys, and close it. Igloohome is the most amazing digital lock system that you can ask for! Why?

 Easy Access

You can let anyone in the door even if you are miles away using the Igloohome app. All you need to do is generate a pin and forward it. You can even choose how long that person can use that pin!

Types of Pin Codes:

– Master PIN: This pin never expires and it is mainly for the owners of the home.

– One Time PIN: This pin can only be used once and it is for people to get into your home that single time.

– Permanent PIN: This pin code never changes and is good for your housekeeper.

– Duration PIN: This pin code is temporary and it only activates from the time and date specified then deactivates at a chosen time and date. This is good for guests and people who would like to drop something off at your home.

You can also unlock the key box by using Bluetooth and being in range with your smart phone.

Airbnb Management

The best part is if you are hosting on Airbnb, your life will become extremely easy. First, you connect your Airbnb listing to your Igloohome app. Once a guest books your home on Airbnb, Igloohome automatically sends an email to your guests notifying them that you have a smart key box and that the pin code will be sent to them 1 hour before check-in and activated at check-in time. On the day the guest checks in, Igloohome automatically generates a duration pin and sends it to the guest with instructions. The pin code will expire at the time and date the guest checks out. Like I said, easy peasy! The Airbnb service is free until a certain amount of time and then it will cost USD$4.99/month.

What does it Fit?

  • 6 physical keys
  • 7 key cards
  • Sim Cards
  • Transport Cards
  • Small items for guests

No WiFi

This smart key box does not need an internet connection. This seems hard to believe but it’s true! The smart lock and your Igloohome app will synchronize even before you install the lock. It is battery operated and even sends a notification to your phone when it is low. I’ve been using it for 4 months now and haven’t had to change the battery! If you would like to know more on how this works, read here.


After the guest checks out, housekeeping uses their permanent pin code to clean the condo. Afterwards, they return the key to the key box for the next guest to check-in.


I bought it on the Igloohome website and it costed USD$169 – worth every penny!

Julia Quisumbing

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