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I went to Kenya on September 28 to October 6, 2017 with my family. A few days before my flight I fumbled through my closet because I had no idea what clothes to bring! I checked the weather and it said it would be cold at night and hot during the day with a chance of light rain. I decided to bring a little of everything. During my time in Kenya, I learned that the whole country is elevated 1700 meters above sea-level so it’s a lot colder than I thought. The coolness was a nice surprise because when you think about Kenya, or Africa in general, you imagine it’s dry and hot. From my experience in Kenya, I’d suggest bringing:

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Below are photos of my family and I in our daily outfits.



Morning game drives were after breakfast from 7am until 11:30am. The morning game drives were cold, so I wore a top with a September Jacket (Medium/light thickness), pants, closed shoes, and accessories.






It gets warmer at noon so when you head back to your lodge for lunch, you can switch to a top with the option of a light jacket or button down shirt as a cover up. During lunch to near dinner you can also wear shorts.


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I visited a Maasai Village where a group of Maasai people lived. As I saw women walking around hunched over carrying pounds of firewood on their backs, I asked the son of the Chief Maasai what the responsibilities of the women were. He told me that they do chores such as cooking and milking, building and maintaining the houses as well as fetching water, collecting firewood, raising the children, milking the cattle and cooking for the family. So then I asked, what the men do and he said they protect the village and deal with trade. At the end of the experience through the village, we were brought to an open area in the back of the houses where the women were sitting on blankets with a spread of Maasai art and accessories for sale. Not only were the women in charge of everything in the village, they were also in charge of creating products and selling them to create income. I felt sad to see the men joking, laughing and sitting around while the women were hard at work. There was no balance in genders in this type of community. As I spoke to some of the Maasai women, I learned of how strong, independent and inspiring they really were with the situation they were born in. I was extremely impressed by them. #maasaivillage #kenya #maasaimara #africa #experience #learn #travel #world #life #women #strength

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During game drives you will spend all of your time in the car as it is illegal to exit the vehicle near animals, plus you never know when a hyena is hiding in a ditch nearby. Choose to be comfortable as you will be sitting majority of the time.

Don’t forget to bring resort-wear for when you are lounging around your Lodge by the pool or for dinner.




I’d suggest not bringing any jewelry/accessories to Kenya. Instead, you could support the local Maasai people by buying their accessories and wearing their beautiful hand-crafted creations!



I absolutely enjoyed my Kenya Safari Vacation and prefer this over seeing any city. I came home so relaxed and full of energy as I saw life in action. It’s heart filling to see animals truly wild and free. I can finally cross this off of my bucket list!

Also keep an eye out for my Kenya Safari Vlog! I’ll post it on my youtube channel JuliaQuis soon! Thank you for reading!


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