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Kalinaw Resort Restaurant

This restaurant was lovely and used a Filipino-bamboo style interior design. It was a 3-minute walk away from our resort, Siargao Bleu. You’re right in front of the ocean with a fresh breeze. They had delicious truffle pasta and I really enjoyed the beef Carpaccio. The ambiance was nice and calm there.


Kawayan Siargao Resort Restaurant  

Kawayan Restaurant was one of my favorites. It’s a French-American restaurant with delicious dishes that are plated nicely. On the road it looked like a little café but as we entered it was only a bakery and we were told the restaurant was next door. I was very happy when I discovered how good the food was there. I was so hungry from surfing for 2 hours and was feeling the sunburn starting, so I asked for a cool Mango Rum Shake; Mango shake with a shot of Rum. This is my go-to tropical drink when I’m at the beach. The Philippines grows the best mangos in the world, so if you’d like to try Mango Rum Shake anywhere, it has to be here! The restaurant also had a billiards table to play with while waiting for your meal. We ordered Ceviche with sliced mango as an appetizer and it was amazing. It had that tangy, zesty flavor of being marinated in vinegar and herbs, which went so well with the sweetness of the ripe yellow mango. I’ve always loved Ceviche and our Filipino version, “Kinilaw” but I’ve never had it that way. I liked it so much I thought about using that idea for our place in Batangas, Eagle Point Resort.

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I ordered Prawns marinated in orange and whisky with roasted tomatoes. They were very well cooked and there was a burst of flavor. I really loved this dish and wish I could have prawns like that every day.

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Overall, I was very happy with Kawayan Siargao Resort Restaurant. We even went back to the bakery after lunch to try a few desserts. They were delicious too!


 This place was a tricycle ride through some small streets then a little walk through a small track. We decided to go to Kermit because my stepsister Nikki heard that there was good pizza there. The setting is mostly outside with rays of lights rushing through the trees. The pizza was thin crust and you could choose the toppings, and was pretty tasty. I enjoyed it especially because they had this crazy hot sauce on the table and I used it as a dipping sauce. Little did I know that it was going to destroy my mouth minutes after, and I eat fast! I probably chugged 3 glasses of water after that. I enjoyed the pizza a lot though, great place!

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Harana was right next to our resort as well, about a 2-minute walk. It had a very cool beach and bungalow vibe happening. It was nice to listen to live music there with local bands. I only had one drink and was very happy with it; the local wine there, which wasn’t really wine but it-tasted good!


What a great place to get Spanish tapas and paella. I went here for my last dinner and the ambiance was great. It was full of an international and fun crowd. We got a table on the sand with short relaxing chairs. Everything we ordered was delicious. I was devouring the patatas bravas (Spanish style French fries) because I had been drinking all day and well, carbs taste the best when your stomach is full of wine. I really enjoyed this spot and would have wanted to spend the night drinking cocktails by the bar.

Emerald Restaurant

We had dinner at Emerald Restaurant, it was quiet, cute and simple. The food was shockingly good as well. I started to realize that most of the restaurants in Siargao had great chefs. I chose the Truffle and chicken pasta. I do love truffle pasta so I will be sharing my favorite spots to get truffle pasta in Manila soon. The pasta was cooked perfectly and flavor was very fulfilling.



A great spot to grab some healthy bowls for breakfast! I got some crazy mixed bowl with fruit, chia seeds and bunch of other stuff. Everything there is pretty tasty. Just don’t get a smoothie and a bowl, get one or the other as it’s actually pretty filling!


I was so incredibly happy about my food experience in Siargao and cannot wait to return!

Watch my Siargao video below!

Julia Quisumbing

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