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My Dad is a travel nut, meaning he can’t stay sane being in one country or place for 1 month. I trust his taste in travel locations since he’s probably seen about 85% of the world already. He kept raving about Siargao in the Philippines these past few months and I kept wondering why. He said it’s a great surf spot but I thought about how we have La Union and Baler, which are only a 4-hour drive from Manila. I got curious so I told him to plan a family trip to Siargao. He agreed only because there are great birds to photograph there.

To see my travel vlog about Siargao on YouTube please click here.


We went to Siargao for the weekend on August 24-27, 2017. We stayed at Siargao Bleu Resort. The resort was a great stay and had an amazing pool surrounded by villas. The best part about the pool was the tanning beds in the center. If I would design a pool, it would be just like this, with an extremely deep end of course.

We got there in the morning and were welcomed with coconut water out of the shell freshly opened by the staff. This was by far my favorite welcome drink of all, no added sugar, tropical, and fresh. Most of the trip we spent by the pool just relaxing, drinking wine, and swimming. My boyfriend Gui had a blast taking photos of me (sarcasm). Most boyfriends should be used to that by now with the Instagram era but mine seems to have a hard time adapting. I find it fun to torture him anyways.


By the pool, I strutted my Mimosa ( black minimalist One-Piece Swimwear with an Under Armour cap.



IMG_1399 2.JPG

IMG_2588 2.JPG

The next day, I put on my @meninastyleph_ reversible shibori bikini and went to Cloud 9 to go surfing. I did not have a long-sleeve safe guard top, so I had to borrow a pink one from my Stepmother. That means my total upper body was sun-guarded but my bottom wasn’t. At Cloud 9, we were greeted with very energetic surf instructors. I really liked my instructor because he answered all of my questions very well, was patient and made it fun. Cloud 9 has a very interesting long wooden bridge that goes far out into the ocean. The end of the bridge has a 3-floor viewing dock also made out of wood. You walk to the end, go down the stairs into the water and paddle out to the waves.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 5.08.42 PM.png

This was my second time to surf; I was able to stand, ride the wave to the end, and was even able to turn with the wave! Once that happened all I thought was, “I want to surf more!” And finally understood why people love it. It’s relaxing, there’s nothing else to think about or to feel except for catching the next one. There were these paddle Boarders with oars that were standing, rowing, and riding waves, which I thought was funny in a cool way. There was even this Australian girl who looked like she was around 7 months pregnant that the locals would call out to as “Mama” and “Watermelon”, and she would respond by smiling humorously. Apparently she had been living there for the past few months. I don’t know how good it is to surf when you’re pregnant but she seemed to know what she was doing. Healthy mind and healthy body means healthy baby. That baby is going to have a good life with a mom like that.

I will definitely be returning to Cloud 9 in the future since the vibe was amazing. You can watch my Siargao Surf and travel video on my youtube channel JuliaQuis.

I don’t know what’s happening lately but the sun definitely feels like it’s getting stronger. During the 2 hours of surfing, I got extremely sunburnt that it actually hurt for a week. That type of pain has never happened to me before. I was a wakeboarder before and I grew up in the Philippines on the beach so it was a shock. My upper body was safe since I was wearing a rash guard but the back of my legs were completely red and sunburnt. My surf-instructor told me not to put any sunblock on my legs since it would make it slippery. I shouldn’t have listened because I was laying on my stomach paddling majority of the time and that was for about 2 hours straight. I had to spend the rest of my Siargao trip in the shade, icing and putting aloe vera. 2 weeks later the back of my legs were peeling! I had to wear pants or jeans everywhere, it was so bad. I’ve learned my lesson with surfing; cover your entire body with 3 layers of sunblock or more! My face was a little sunburnt but I used my trusty face moisturizer, which saved me yet again.


The second best part of Siargao was the food! There are a lot of foreigners that have bought land, and opened restaurants and resorts. Most restaurants are a fusion of Filipino-European-American. The quality of the dishes tried was a great surprise on this little island in the Philippines. If you want to know where I ate please read, “Where to eat in Siargao”.

I had a great time in Siargao and plan to go back soon, with a lot of sunblock of course!

Julia Quisumbing

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